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Professional Third Party Audits: Manufacturing / Supply / Service Centres

DCL has experience auditing facilities on behalf of Operators and Equipment Suppliers with the common goal of improving service quality assurance and quality control (QAQC). Areas audited include HSE practices, manufacturing and assembly of all ESP components, equipment testing against industry standards, handling, packing, and shipping. The audits seek to identify areas for improvement, and offer recommendations which have direct or indirect impact to ESP runlife

Quality Control Plans for Manufacture

A QCP is a document setting out the specific quality practices, resources, and sequences of activities relevant to a particular product, service, contract, or project. The equipment end-user’s specified baseline requirements for quality are compared to those of the ESP Manufacturers standard QCP. If the requirements of the end-user exceed the ESP manufacturer’s standard QCP there will be a need for an enhanced QCP. This involves the end user, ESP manufacturer and an expert working together to achieve the required level of QCP.

Third Party Inspection (Manufacturing & Assembly)

Witnessing of equipment manufacturing and assembly from an experienced third party can help prevent infant failures, and also provides you with first-hand documentation of processes considered critical to ESP runlife.

Verified by ALS

For additional peace of mind during operation DCL provides expert verification that equipment has been built and tested to the agreed level prior to shipping.

Dismantle Inspection & Failure Analysis (DIFA), including Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

When an ESP failure occurs, it is critical to understand the failure mechanism so repeat failures can be avoided. A thorough DIFA with an experienced third party is the best means of achieving this goal. DCL provides this service for customers around the world, seeking not only to understand the mode of failure, but also to determine the Root Cause and provide recommendations on how to mitigate the issues encountered, thus prolonging runlife. No DIFA is complete unless a Root Cause is pursued, so Root Cause Failure Analysis is the ultimate objective of every DIFA that DCL performs.

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