Dismantle Inspection & Failure Analysis (DIFA) Services

It is impossible to mitigate failures without first understanding why the failure occurred. DCL offers unparalleled, third party expertise in performing Dismantle Inspection Failure Analysis (DIFA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). We leave no stone unturned, and will offer recommendations based off the findings, helping you to prevent similar future failures, and increase your ESP runlives. No DIFA is complete unless a Root Cause is pursued, so DCL actively seeks this out in every DIFA performed. A heightened focus on ESP installation best practices directly correlates to increased ESP runlife. Furthermore, with a highly experienced DCL ESP technician dedicated to your wells, response time for trouble calls can be reduced greatly, allowing you to minimize downtime and keep your wells flowing.

DIFA Software and App

A data base, reporting and analytics tool for Dismantle Inspection & Failure Analysis of ESP systems. Available by licence

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